Thursday, January 30

#224 - wear a swimsuit

my family are starting to talk about our beach holiday again. I love this time of year. Its summer in Sydney, its sweltering hot and we all complain about it, but then the afternoon brings in a cool breeze and life is bliss. I'm generally a winter person, but nothing beats this. 

And then we wait for April, where the temperature is cooler, but the ocean is still nice and warm from the summer. 

These are some swimsuits I think are a little bit cool. 
I've realised my taste always errs on the side of vintage. 

and my song I'm playing a lot recently. 

3. unknown via soupsoffreckles 4.  unknown via bibiana carol. ponyanarchy 

Sunday, January 19

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Monday, January 13

#223 - illustrations

. . . . . . . .

1. Gemma - framed print
2. Clementine - blank card print
3. Clementine - custom illustrated playing cards. 

all illustrations by stephanie anna jane

Sunday, December 29

#222 - make your own playing cards

I just designed my own playing cards. whaaaaaat.

They'll be available on Etsy soon :)

cards are still cool people. I promise. maybe not. 500 Queeeeeen! :D