Sunday, March 21

# 7 - channel some Gary Pepper Vintage

What else do I have to say?

Quite delightful really. Yes quite.

I am an aaaaabsolute sucker for vintage, so I guess its no surprise I hop and down for joy when someone drops the V-word.
And I am SO amazed when I find someone who has this uncanny, so-shocking-I-dropped-my-caramel-latte-down-my shirt similarity in style!

I have all these different moods for styles, and she so perfectly reflects my: wear intricate white stockings shoe-less around the yard and take pretty snaps kind of mood. Complete with gorgeous billows of bows upon her pretty head.
Shes definitely one to follow if you love vintage too.

click here if your liking:

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Diya said...

LOVELY... I'm glad you featured her, I love her.

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