Tuesday, April 20

#14 - play the wardrobe game

Yes, as in, stock your wardrobe, though stockings are nice too. :)
At Birdmotel it helps you with just that, if you're into the whole e-shopping thing, with a selected aurora of labels that will suit the weather just fine.

Need inspiration for an outfit? One of my tricks when I had not outfits to wear was to play a little game that revealed wondrous and continual combinations of clothes! Flick through a magazine, pick out an outfit you like, then start thinking what things you own that are similar to this. This could be in either colour, shape or so on. Even if it doesn't look like the original outfit, chances are it looks good anyway!
And if you don't have anything remotely similar, i think you need to go shopping ( you know, do the economy a favour).

Don't know where to start? Try Birdmotel's shop-a-log on their website:

Their trend pages are lovely too.

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