Tuesday, April 27

#16 - have your stationary be as lovely as you are

Living in the working world can be pretty boring surrounded by all the greys, its only till just lately that more and more offices are becoming more modern and pleasing on the eye.. yet, alas.. it can still smother the artistic spirit.
Here are some products that soften the silver of your computer and the deadlines of your diary.
Above are the Moleskine Diary covers, from Engrave Your Book artists range, Branches by Amy Ruppel and No Olvides by Pepa Prieto. Available for purchase at http://www.engraveyourbook.com/
Next is People Like Us Style's collection of ipod adhesives to brighten up your melodies. http://www.peoplelikeusstyle.com/
And at the bottom is the (must I say) gorgeous paper artistry from Upon A Fold http://www.uponafold.com.au/

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