Wednesday, May 12

#24 Read Frankie news

Heres what my lovely Frankie letter contained:

They said...
Brr… It’s getting cold out and we’re wondering where all the flowers have gone, so we’ve decided to make our own. We’ll be getting crafty with this cute fabric corsage printing out some 3D blooms to pretty up our desks and getting excited about the Sydney Film Festival, tickets are already on sale. Ooh, and keep warm with a nice bowl of soup while doing some doodl!es for the Kit Design entry!
If you like well designed art products, accessories, clothing, decor and bits and bobs, have a look at Poketo. (pictured above) The store aims to showcase pieces by international artists by taking art out of galleries and turning it into fun and accessible wares. We especially love their cute range of cameras.
They shall whip you into a cultured lovely yes indeed my friend
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Words by Holly @ Frankie News.

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