Saturday, June 26

#61 - have your bit from granny

(yes! that's a typewriter laptop!)
Some grand mama's were really grand and had serious style, that you would do anything to be handed down some of that gorgeous, glorious vintage. Yet again you might not be so lucky to have an incredibly stylish one, yet you love her dagginess all the same.
If you can't really steal her pieces, or someone else has nabbed them first, above are ideas how you can pay ode to your wonderful Nana. (Pretty much, this is a long winded way of saying - 'I love vintage!').
Click images to find source, or links below;
images [, 2. Domestic construction via poetic home, 3.poppalina adapted from Frankie Magazines Afternoon Tea, 4. Victoria mason's jewellery, 5. poetic home's ]
***here are some more absolutely gorgeous vintage teacup lights.

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Kate said...

Hehe - typewriter laptop - I've never seen one before. I wonder if the keys still make the great noise?
It certainly feels super to type someone a letter on a typewriter :)