Wednesday, June 30

#64 - wrap it up, lovely

Drawings and Brown packages (tied up with string)

Scrawlings on white or brown paper, then tied up with string, your wrapping will be a second kind of lovely present. These beautiful works are images by Jessica Hirsche, via oatmeal and cinnamon.

Secret hollow book

Aha! My favourite! Oh to op shops for old vintage children's books to cut a compartment in its pages, and use it to wrap up lovely and small items like jewellery, vouchers/gift cards etcetera. Rather time consuming, but heres how to make it if you cant figure it out yourself.
Step Toes Antiques for the extra lovely vintage book, image from Sew Trashy.---------------------------------------------------------------
Record Lovely

You can find cutesy, tacky covers like above, that although they may have less than fly music recorded on them, they make lovely wrapping for (flat) gifts. Attach an envelope, (and why not all letter style like I previously blogged?) to the actual record itself so it will be sitting there all lovely when they pull it out of its case, with whatever you give them inside.

Collage lovely

To op shops for colorful children's books with their lovely 1960's pastel hue and old style text, cut the pages up and fold them into a jumbled, glorious disarray of shapes and apply them on top of your already wrapped gift, for a collage-lovely package.


wardrobewars said...

hi there ! just found your blog on facebook and had to check it out more , have to say loving it , really cute and definitely going to try some of these . following you now :-)

keep it up !

the wardrobewars girls

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abbylovey said...

I made a 'secret hollow book' a few years ago now, and I still love it :) I didn't follow those handy instructions though, if only I had, maybe mine would have turned out a teeny bit better.

Abby x