Tuesday, July 20

#76 - [heart] vintage clops

If you recognise a certain boot there, yes you are right. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Walking down Crown Street Surrey Hills in Sydney, it was THE thing to have in all their lovely vintage shops.
So in short, I love vintage shoes! (hint: try Etsy... they go on for yonks!)

A thankyou to Shirley and her lovely blog for this idea.
we have here:
- tapestry (!! how lovely!) flats via shirley's lovely blog- xoxo in morse code
- vintage 70's tap shoes on Etsy by FreestyleVintageCo
- 'lace up granny boots' on Etsy by nstylevintage
- sandals (wear them with socks, geek love) via xoxo in morse code blog, again.
- chestnut brown old school leather shoes on Etsy via Adrian Company Vintage


emma said...

These are more than lovely. They are amazing!!!

abbylovey said...

Agreed! :)