Friday, August 13

#97 - make a lost thing

frankie and Frankie mag, my cruddy visual instructions,
[images ownership of 1001 ways to be more lovely]

I love these guys! I have my Frankie, I made awhile ago, which wasnt meant to be so screwed up. I didnt pay attention to the usual rules of sewing so his arms are short, stunty and wont come out properly. His legs cross over and his body is all lumpy and uneven.

But I ended up loving him all the more for it.

These are so easy, basically the idea is to be rushy or careless. You draw out a shape you want onto material, then leave space around it to cut... add your bits.. sew inside out and pull it out the right way and stuff it.
>> Then you have your lost thing. Because they're far less than perfect, they are more lovable.

p.s :: Nearly at #100! It makes me have sad thoughts of what will happen when we reach #1000.

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Jade said...

that thing looks so cute!