Saturday, August 14

#99 - take a walk into the wilderness

images ownership of 1001 ways to be more lovely
It can be so calming, so beautiful and peaceful.
I don't know about your environment, but I took my two gorgeous friends, Lu and Wooshka, for the companionship and safety against our Australian snakes.
And I brought my Holga too, of course.

Here you can see I actually included my own photos, which I don't do too often...
:: Thinking about other things... ::
Gah! #100 next post! I would like to do something extra lovely... so, any ideas? I don't want to be on my own, please help me lovelies!

Also be prepared for a new header (title of blog) revamp, I have been meaning to change it for a little while, and a centenary of posts seems a good time. But once I start designing I might end up liking to current one more anyway...


inapeartree said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is wonderful - scratch that - lovely! lol. I love that you love to use the word lovely just as much as me.

Very nice format and cute posts.

Jade said...

i love nature walks!

alainatastic said...

I can't wait for the hundredth post! This is one of my favorite blogs!
xx, Alaina.