Thursday, September 30

#114 - have the best picnics ever

[2] image from Day Dream Lily - the rest from lovely-for-sure
I would like to say that I am the picnic queen, I absolutely adore them (that's why this post is so long) - but I have a few friends who are very good at them too. And I have learnt some lovely things from them about the magical world of picnics, which I'm sure I have returned. And this is what I think are the musts for the best picnics ever:

1. A beautiful view or pretty place - the less other people that are around, the better. Near to deserted - absolutely brilliant.

2. Trees are preferable. Then you can start climbing them and all sorts of things, or stare up into their big beautiful boughs of green.

3. A devine rug - like patchwork with gorgeous hues of colour and patterns - and rather soft so you can lollop bare-footed all over them. :) (if you are worried about the dirty ground, stick a more durable rug underneath) - I'm rather liking the one in picture [3].

4. Gorgeous food - like home-made lovelies such as lemonade and lemon-meringue pie. (ooh! lemons are a bit of a theme for me.) And carry it in none other than a basket {or two}.

5. Wear pretty threads - and use your spring or summer months well! Spring time clothes like pretty dresses and tops with high-waisted pants and even headscarves are just delightful.

6. Collect something. But don't keep it. Lay them next to the site of your picnic, you need to gain and lose something on a picnic - I don't know why, but just do. Like pine cones or daisies or bird calls.
7. Include a short walk somehow. Make it easy - no sweat. Pleeease.

8. For sure a camera - the more vintage the better - but if you cant, Polaroid-ise your photos here. My lovely friend showed me this and I'm ever so grateful.

9. Defy conventions - like have them at night with lamps and candles in jars and tell ghost stories, or hang things in trees, write each other letters, or play games. We could all be a little bit better if the main activity of a picnic wasn't stuffing our faces with food.


Jade said...

to tell ya the truth, i've never been to a picnic, but now i want to :)

Steph said...

Never been on a picnic?! Well then I am very glad I have enthused you. :)

Holly Anne said...

Those are some beautiful photos! I love picnics too, it's been so long since I have been on one!

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Wuuw *--* Summer's just around the corner, I definitely want to go for a picnic! The photos are beautiful!

Jade said...

hi again :) i just wanted to tell you that i tagged you in my most recent post, so you should check it out :)

Ruth said...

These pictures are just so perfect :) & great tips!
I hate the fact that it's almost winter around here, which means: no picnics :(

Sarah said...

Such a pity the weather is turning rather bad where I live - this post really makes me want to get the picnic blanket and basket out!

Carina said...

I love your must haves for a picnic. They sound perfect to me. Especially no. 6. Ive never collected anything on a picnic, nor really thought about doing so.

Lemon Meringue pie is delicious! Mmm its my favourite pie actually!

xx Carina