Monday, October 11

#117 - make your blog more lovely

I love blogging! And Im guessing you do too.. so here are some ways to make your blogs more lovely and more widely read. (perhaps)

the perfect p's.

:: people love pictures ::
 The more the better - and the prettier too the better off your blog will be. If you follow the right people, can give you the loveliest pictures to find on the internet.

:: personalise it ::
Making it all the more made by you, try and include your own photos, and perhaps your own designed column pictures that are exclusive or original to your blog. If your handwriting is rather pretty, or you can draw cute pictures, then scan them in to include as links on your blog.

I have designed most of the things on my blog, so if you would like me to do something especially for you, I would be happy to. There are examples of what I could do at the bottom of the post.

:: pattern your blog::
A subtle constancy throughout your blog is good - like a general same colour tone to pictures or the same style of headings and your overall look of the blog. Don't go overboard though - just look out that your blog isnt way to hectic - it makes it harder to read and concentrate.

:: be practical ::
Make sure you are constantly inspired - people dont generally like to read ramblings about your latest "original" thoughts. Look through magazines, sign up the cute email letters like Frankie Magazine, or go on to websites.
If you have wit - that can be interesting, but try and keep the post length to the minimum. You can see I am breaking that general rule with this one!

:: be personal and polite ::
Be friendly, helpful and try to return the favour with the people who read your blog.

:: promote it ::
Use facebook etc to advertise your blog and share links on popular pages.

:: purpose is key ::
Direction to your blog is good, or a mission statement for your blog. This can also help target the market you want to reach - and advertise in appropriate places.


Rosie Melville said...

Lovely ideas :) I agree about the pictures; I love reading blogs with lots of photos and I try to include as many as I can in my own :)

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Aww! Thanks for all the great tips! I agree, blogs with photos are always good fun to look at! :) xo

Steffi said...

Thanks for your tips. Since I've just started my blog, I gotta keep them in mind and try to use them, of course. :) xx

blacknailpolish said...

This is an answer to a comment that you put on my blog after i asked for some help to do with decorating a room.The same comment was left on a post to do with making a room more lovely.

First of all thank you for taking the time out of what must be a very busy schedule to answer my question!
As for your question on price, I don’t think that that’s an issue at all because her parents are paying for it (=D) But she (grace) wanted to use furniture from a second hand store to get a better vintage/rustic feel anyway, which being in Sydney we are not in any short demand of!
To get an idea of what her room looks like I’ll give you this: She decorated it when she was six. It’s very very very pink ( ewww )
Grace also wanted to put in wallpaper. I have no Idea about this because Firstly: I hate wallpaper with a passion. When I moved into the house that I am currently living in, my family and I, unfortunately, had to spend many tiring days peeling of all the wretched stuff of the bedroom walls. Not fun. I also understand that unless you want a shocking job done you need to hire people to come in and put it up? I personally think that it’s not such a good idea because her taste will change and so will styles although grace assures that I am wrong. I think she probably said the same thing when she was six.
It would be absolutely fabulous if you could write back and give us some tips! Although do not feel the need to rush because she and I both have up coming yearly exams which means that we will be doing absolutely nothing but studying for the next five weeks. Well at least she wills, I can’t say that I’ll be doing the same thing!
If you have completely no idea what im on about and wondering why this random person is rabbiting on about here is the URL thingy to your comment thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for asking but would you mind making something for my blog? I have no artistic talents!
Thank you dear.

lisa jane said...

wauw, you're blog is so good! it really inspires me, thank you :)

come by some time and follow me if you like

Anonymous said...

The lovely item you will make for my blog!
Could it possibly say "thimble" please? Ooh and perhaps a bluebell? Thank you oh so very much! I am very grateful!