Thursday, October 14

#119 - wear high-waisted lovelies

I love them, I don't know why. Perhaps I'm so into the whole femininity thing and like the cinching in at the waist. Perhaps its just because its so damn gorgeous. I don't know. It will probably be some fad or rather that goes out and I will be looking back on photos thinking; what the hell was I thinking...

But it just occurred to me other day perhaps I should try it. (So I did! See below) I mean, sometimes we can go about life liking things but never try them. So this could be a little reminder for you. Or not.

By and by, may I say I absolutely adore what Miss Lucas is wearing?! (bottom of top three)


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

High waisted shorts are gorgeous! I quite like the cinching at the waist too :) <3

Rosie Melville said...

I'm currently trying to plan my winter wardrobe and thanks to this post I'm definitely going to include some high waisted items :)