Sunday, October 17

#120 - scream at the stars

My friend came with the idea on New Years to run down the street holding hands, in the first minute of our new decade, and howl at the moon.
And I love moments like those, put it all out.
So jump off a bridge into the river, drive out to a deserted place with the stars or howl at the moon. But don't have too many people with you.

Not sure why, just don't. 


Sofia said...

Another way to be lovely, and I couldn't agree more.

Eden said...

amazing shots! and cute blog:)))
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Shirley said...

Hi lovely, I so agree with this one. I scream my little lungs out in my car, where it's just me and the stereo. Feels. so. good!

Hanna C. said...

love this post and all the pictures on this blog!

i'm going to follow you now :)

xxx Hanna

Y4D4 said...

nice shots!

LVE+JOY said...

I love this blog.
It inspires me to try and be more lovely.