Wednesday, March 2

#134 - a delightfully happy tummy.

I blogged the delights of a Smeg fridge (pretty much just that; they looks flipping gorgeous) in my interior decoration blog; Charlotte Sometimes - lately, and it got me thinking about what gorgeous food I love to eat and how I would love me kitchen to be. I know there is plenty to think of, but when I try and make a list.. it doesn't come so easily. So I would like to compile together a list of lovely lovely food and recipes, my favourite restaurants, family food, memory filled meals, the idea of a perfect kitchen.

I'm not entirely convinced that this is an universally shared feeling, but in my world - food is not for filling (entirely) - but rather the art, balance and harmony of ingredients, the beauty of taste and the experience of dining.

:: REFERENCE :: Inspired by and all images from What Katie Ate, a lovely foodie photography blog with a gorgeous feeling.  

Here goes the blah: 
herb gardens, soup [image 4 - recipe], gourmet pizzas, Donna Hay and Jamie Oliver cookware, pastry, the viability of nuts - sweet, salty, fine, textured, chocolate, my Mama's almond meal chocolate cake, my Mama's cooking in general, asian flavours, asian greens, Australian meat (because patriotism and food go nicely hand in hand) thats incredibly full of juicy flavour, italian influences, chocolate, lovely bread (italian or french please - try Katie's Schiaciatta dough variations), cheese, caesar salad (minus the overly chunky bits of egg please - and homemade dressing would be lovely thanks), stir fry,  warm and soft Anzac cookies, lasagna, Roma tomatoes, pasta, vietnamese chicken salad [recipe], ciabatta with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, hazenut fudge brownies [image 3 - recipe], strawberries with caramelised balsamic and icing sugar,

thick crust bread - lovely with; balsamic vinegar and olive oil, vintage cheese, crunchy peanut butter (keeps your youth alive aha!), toasted with prosciutto, olive dip..


image 4 - minestrone soup - :: recipe on side :: (click image to zoom)


All the time in the world... said...

oh good gawd i love food. it makes me so happy.and i love what katie ate-also makes me so happy...brilliance.

namie said...

;__; delicious-looking stuff! now that it's spring break, I'm looking forward to having time to make at least one decadent dessert ^__^ (and craft!)

Kristina said...

I tried the blueberry crumble...DELICIOUS!!!! I couldn't quite eating it...Love, love, love!
Kristina J.

CloudyKim said...

Oh my gosh, this food looks delicious! I want to go out and made them right now - especially the Schiaciatta! Thank you for sharing!

By the way, I gave you an award in my latest blog post. Congrats :)