Tuesday, August 30

#139 - treat yourself


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A little self indulgence never hurt too much. Until it was too much of a good thing of course, as I am always tending to do; spending too much.
So heed warning to spenders, you are probably better off not clicking on this link, as the goods from this creative duo are just too darn gorgeous.
Thankfully, when I came across these gorgeous little crafties, I was able to restrain myself. I shall save them for a rainy day or Christmas gifts.
Though I thought I would share it with all those hard working beauties that haven't bought themselves something lovely in awhile.

from the ever clever Zoseinka & Rosie.


Donatella said...

I'm your 117° Follower! Follow me too :D
Pretty blog!!


vanessa rojo brake said...

Me encanta navegar por la red y descubrir rincones nuevos!!! he dado con el tuyo y me he hechado un tiempo cotilleandolo,

leyéndolo y me encanta!!!! además ,me gusta muchisimo participar y apoyar a las bloggers, sino nos apoyamos entre nosotras,

quien lo haría ?¿?¿? te sigo y te doy mi enhorabuena ,te dejó el mio, si te gusta y crees que me lo merezco, me encantaría que formaras parte de el "siguiendome"

pues chicas /os como tu lo hacen posible y muy especial para mi !! un besiño