Tuesday, November 8

#146 - make loveliness yourself [ The DIY starting kit ]

Foam stamp steps
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Having darling little things made by yourself is one of the loveliest feelings in the world. But so often I don't bother starting as I have no D.I.Y inspiration what-so-ever. After many years I have managed to collect these sites and ideas to  help me along, but I much think you deserve them in the one post. 

So now you have no excuse - get out the craft glue and start making bucket loads of paraphernalia. And we are not talking about the usual DIY painted tissue box. These lovely spaces have wonderful ideas for things you never dreamed possible. You might surprise even yourself.  :)

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade
I still love you
Drawer Liner Scented Pillow Lavender Rose Sachet Free Pattern Quick Christmas Gift Decor Bag Pinking Shears Freebie DIY Stitch Free Tutorial Project Craft White Fabric Aqua Mandarin Blog Giveaway
wolf and willow sewing patterns
you are my fave 
Chevron Felt Friendship Bracelet
wild olive
something I made and here

lauren elise crafted

making it lovely

And these are some of the super websites. You could be scouring over them for days and find your equal share of crap and wonderful. 

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>> craftzine.com <<

If it's all a little overwhelming and you're not into the tacky Halloween stuff they have circulating; start by having a look at these projects here, here and here.

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>> decor8 <<

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>> swissmiss <<

Try making a pinhole camera, shower curtain, 
and these gorgeous walnut boats.

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and my favourite...


>> A Beautiful Mess <<

I can't really say much about this wondrous girl,
other than I wish I was inside her head for a day.

But really, I won't go through all of them - most on my list are on Elsie's 150 top Makers list. So after you...

ALSO... quickly, before I leave;

pom pom garlands
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Too easy. Buy wool. Make pom poms [how to make a pom pom]
String em on a string. From You Are My Fave.

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10 DIY green home ideas from Pinterest.
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via Re-Nest

>> I wish you all the best of luck on your crafty, making, diy adventures. x


Jace said...

I love it! It's perfect for today as it's raining outside. I've already brought out a bunch of crafts supplies! Thanks for this!

Annie said...

You and your loveliness!... I love your blog! I made the pompoms and used them on a scarf I was crocheting :) thanks for the inspiration!