Monday, December 26

:: dreaming days ::

Gah! Its been too long, and yet again I have fallen slack to my blog. I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas, filled with much mirth and marvellous food - and, so that all its festive loveliness doesn't end already - I have a few wonder-didly things to share with you that I have found over the days... (in a blah of course)

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images: [1. unknown via 1001 ways, 2. Honestly WTF blog,
3. Team Kitten blog, 4. TBA smock dress, 5. The Horse, 6.
BELOW: 1. passportsprada.blogspot, iheartthemaninthemoon.wordpress ]  

Dream filled days has winning a bicycle (and riding it too), so you can peddle your way for supplies to make this darling peter pan collar - proper attire for a picnic laid out on a wonderful rug - where you can string out bunting flags made by your own pretty hands, and nom on balsamic strawberries along to Feist. And of course the day would be a whole lot sweeter if you wearing this, this and these. And as it cools in the evening, you might don a knit to head over to the moonlight cinema as the night closes its eyes.

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Oh, did I mention I'm back from my year away in England?!
Australia, sweet, Australia!

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Gabrielle said...

what a lovely and gorgeous post! I love the photos. The platform 9 3/4 is my favorite :) thank you so much for commenting and entering our blog in the giveaway!

And I'm sorry it's taken a few days to comment back. Unfortunately, its back to school and the holiday break is over:(