Saturday, March 24

#156 - Easter bunting cake decoration

Images ownership of Steph @ 1001 ways to be more lovely.

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I made this, banana-cake style in an IKEA silicone heart cake mould.
I've seen these gorgeous cake buntings everywhere - especially from The Little Big Company and a gazillion Etsy stores...
But these took me only 10 minutes to make!

You'll need...
 3 or so colours of craft paper, twine, 
2 kitchen skewers, scissors, glue 
- and preferably a darn lovely cake.

:: one ::
Its best to start off by tying the ends to the 2 skewers, so you already know how long you'll need the twine, and how many flags to cut.

:: two ::
Cut teeny little triangles along a fold of paper (they should be diamonds if you fold them out) - cut isosceles, so that the shortest edge is the fold.
Work out the pattern and spacing of your flags along the twine...

:: three ::
Apply glue on the inside of the doubled over triangle, and slot it in place over the twine - pressing down firmly. Voila! Continue on till finished (obviously).

:: four ::
Fourth step and your done! I didn't really need to explain this at all to you clever cats...

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My cake came out with a 'T" engraved on it. I'm still to decide what kind of sign this is...


Anonymous said...

absolutely wonderful <3 :3 Please post more things like this! :)

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Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful and the cake tasted great too!

Lindsey Louise said...

very cute! your blog is adorable!

All the time in the world... said...

i desperately want this cake tin. This is an adorable post, love it!!!