Saturday, April 28

#159 - a blind stab at making a piñata

I saw these from Confetti System, and tried to make my own for Easter. I completely forgot about posting my  endeavour...

I tried too hard to make a many sided geometric shape - so I would recommend sticking to the types of shapes in the picture above. 8 sides = achievable. 20? It took hours. But it was fun all the same.

I think next time it would make a brilliant light fitting... as my Aunty pointed out.

Once you have made the shell in any shape you please (remember to leave a hole to put your piñata fillings in) you cut frills all along a length of folded over tissue paper and paste in rows all over (starting from the bottom) so they overlap one another.

images: top;confetti, system, images below; steph @ 1001ways

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Louisejoyb said...

This looks great! I'd love to make my own, but would be afraid that it'd fall apart before anyone even hit it! I bet it went down a treat :)

Lou xx
Bits & Bobs