Saturday, July 7

#172 - the up-do

I've noticed a whole lot of up-do's lately. Everywhere.
Just like chunky jewellery, colourful heeled boots, doilies and lace wedding dresses - (which coincidentally exploded after Kate & Wills were wed) - seem to saturate weheartit, Facebook selfies and blogs.

So, seeing a tutorial via Frankie, finally decided to go with this...
Though - problem. Horrid at doing hair. My friend Luella is marvellous with it, its an art of its own- being able to sculpt hair into something like whats going on in your mind.

Tutorial, or here, this tutorial, and this tutorial, till you get a feel. Or this blog...

Common thread? Flowers and braids.
True, my window onto the world is probably as narrow as a one-bedrooms apartment's view back over the takeaway's bin courtyard, but you're reading my blog - remember?

Just waiting for someone to tell me - up-dos were ssooo 3 months ago.


Cappuccino frío said...

what a lovely blog!!!!

All the time in the world... said...

oh I just love the messy low buns that girls wear...i mis shaving long hair now!