Monday, September 17

#179 - have a bath

I haven't had a bath in years! I never got around to it, and thinking more about it - there wasn't anything incredibly exciting to make me run that bath and get into it.
Though walking past LUSH, in the basement of the QVB.... seeing all those handmade bath bombs in wicker baskets - I bought three!

A Butterball, a Big Blue and a Space Girl later - I was rather keen for a bath indeed.
Kitschy names aside, they changed my view slightly.
Firstly, stewing in your own dirt was rather unappealing - but now I'm looking at it as soaking in cocoa butter, lemon, blackberries, seaweed and lavender.

Go to Lush where you'll find other suitably brilliant names; such as "Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds", "Ceridwen's Cauldron" and "Phoenix Rising" :)

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shannonmaree said...

I love baths so much.
I have been having them lately to help relieve stress and aah, they're so great :D