Thursday, October 11

#184 - see the early light

Being an early bird for my entire childhood: where 6am wake-ups were instinctive and on the odd exciting event that would get us up at 4am, the hour of the day truly didn't phase me. 

But yes, being so - always made me so confused why people were grumpy in the early morning. 
Its the best part of the day! Though now I have had my teenager "phase" a bit late I believe, the day where I want to stay in bed till 8 (gasp!) has arrived. Yet psychologically still I am happier awake, and seeing the early. 

Its now a routine, and seeing that lovely tone of light,
 the blurry silhouettes of trees and the hesitant bird call; 
I'm mighty glad for it. 

I don't propose y'all train your body to wake at 6 
as I have done - the world would be a ridiculous place. 

But you're missing out. Just saying. 

image ownership of steph @ 100 ways

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courtney said...

I couldn't agree more!! The rest of the people I live with get up at lunch time on the weekends, where I'm quite happy to get up around 6 or 7 :) The mornings are so beautiful :))) Beautiful post xx