Thursday, November 15

#191 - wearing wizard socks

Despite them being in an array of delightful patterns, colours, 
lengths and imaginings for absolute yonks
I truly thought socks to be insipid and generally uninspiring things of this world. 

But then! A pair of Gorman socks were gifted to me from my lovely 
tea-and-Gorman lovin' buddies from work - and my world was suddenly filled 
with the most lovely prospect:  I. can. own. pretty. socks. 

images: (the origins and delightful creators of these images have unfortunately been lost amongst reblog after reblog on tumblr and such :( but here-ee-oh they are where I found them!)


Elle said...

Oh my, the Gorman socks: so lovely!!

AVY said...

Oh, that's cute. Socks are underrated.