Friday, March 8

#200 - open an Etsy Shop!

Its lots of fun! Its not for everyone, I won't push that... but if you make lovely things I'd give it a shot. Also, if any of you lovelies have an Etsy store please tell me!! Would love to have a gander.

200 posts though! Thats something short of hectic.
Maybe its just a hectic amount of talking to one's self about shallow things... but still! In celebration of 200 attempts of egotistically my opinion on what lovely is, I open up my Etsy shop!
Tiny, little pathetically cute thing. 

I have been accumulating a few too many friends for my introvertive-ness to cope with, so I now offer them to you!

Meet Theodore, Archie, Jonathan, Javier and Clementine!

visit the shop:

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