Monday, May 27

#208 - petite fête: 5 event ideas

Five ideas for your little (or rather tremendous) soiree. 

flower cubes. note: probably should make sure they're edible to begin with (Wikipedia generally doesn't lie) Wash them gently yet thoroughly.

Cocktails in jars:
adding frozen berries and herb leaves. 
These two are: watermelon strawberry vodka mojitos, and an agave margarita.

Even just blending watermelon thoroughly, adding sparkling water and a dash of something sugary if you really must.

The hand-printed invite: lino-cutting your words out. If you're a little clever like this.


I tried making these, I think they could have possibly had foam balls, made them sticky and wrapped yarn, but I'm a little penny restricted. 
SO. my attempt: scrunch  newspaper in balls to your desired size.
start wrapping a little masking tape sticky side out around your ball of newspaper. then get that really cheap yarn stuff - I found a good lot at Reverse Garbage. Wind it round and round till all the ugly stuff is hidden :)
Somehow attach a string. adding it when you make the newspaper ball makes it annoying to wrap yarn around, so I succeeded by leaving a length of the yarn devoted to the hanging thread at the end, and secured  by a couple of winds around.

Chalkboards. they're kind of saturating EVERYWHERE that could be wincingly denoted as "hipster". As Graphic Design. As directional signs at weddings. As metro-deli food-stake labels. As lovely as they are, and - I'm trying to put this off as long as possible, I think I'm starting to dislike them. 
BUT, who as ever heard of a humongously-giant-guest-book-chalkboard?? maybe not so tautologically named.
chalkboard paint, that brilliant stuff that makes anything into a chalkboard.
Like a GIANT piece of cardboard :)
make your chalk!

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