Friday, June 14

#213 - a stab at a film review (such a bad one in fact, its just a personal rant)

Never employ me for this, never. Immense enjoyment for myself I'm sure, but I'm so easily swayed by other peoples ideas on such inconsequential matters such as entertainment that I wouldn't take my word for it, but here is my:
(actually, I'm even stealing other people's opinions to make this - pitiful! - and WARNING, teensy little spoiler amidst this, so I wouldn't read on if you're into all that unaffected watching)

I watch films for their cinematography. So if you're like me and a good plot line comes 4th down the line also underneath actor's mannerisms and general swagger, then: watch it.
Not saying that the plot is bad, in no way - though I haven't read the book, and don't know its charm.

This time Baz seems to go again for his typical vibrant and vividly encapsulating start, which winds down to something a little more sombre. The colours were AMAZING, and the soundtrack brilliantly incongruent to what we believe of the 20s - yet cast a tremendous mood.

If you're bonkers for a happy ending I'd read the synopsis before you go.
I was sitting next to one such girl who was giggling, "wow"-ing and wide-eyed throughout the whole film, yet exclaimed at the ending; "that's stupid!". And I guess if happiness was a supermarket item I would have been severely let down. But who would we be talking to? Luhrmann or Fitzgerald? Errgh meh, literature and film are two very different mediums in which to present a story.

Design-student me throughout the whole film: I want to be a costume designer! I want a letterpress studio! I want a 20s party! I want to do a film internship! I want to be a gentleman in a white tux with gold signet rings and say "Ol' Sport"! No, I want to be Carey Mulligan! 

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