Friday, September 13

#218 - design type

boflan - 25.08.2013 - stephanie larkin - instax mini film

I have become so unbelievably sick of this blog! I hardly enjoy it, posting just 'cause - and I'm having no more of that! From now on is all going to be about meeee!! haha-bahamas, maybe not so vain, but its not like before I was doing you guys a service or anything? So, if it wasn't about me, what the hell was it about anyway?

I,          am so,         bizarre.

I promise it won't be selfie after selfie of my outfit day by day. I dislike my outfits (but thats beside the point). I doubt you'll see much of a change at all. Hahahha bahamas I keep forgetting people aren't even reading this at all. WOW. this blog really HAS been about nothing. Nothing but frivolous mental conversations.

Nay, I rave. In short - since studying design and progressing into years and subjects where you actually make something of yourself, it has made me realise I actually need to share my work if I want to get anywhere. So here goes:

dear diary. 

today I designed a typeface. 

(but oh my lord if  only you really knew that it didn't just take today.
 typefaces are amazingly time consuming.
 I have utmost respect for those who make fonts that are actually useful. 
My font may be all gorgeous foxtails; but it's usability? 
pretty zero. maybe a decorative title or two.
but I'm happy. finally! 
perfectionistic tendencies have been tightly reigned in)

Ta-da, here is my typeface - Cunning (2013)
.   .   .
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Anonymous said...

I read your blog dearest Stephers! And enjoy it. Xx

Toots said...

hahaha love it how I can tell who you are :)