Tuesday, September 17

#220 - eeek! Georg Jensen

Via my family, I have come to love Georg Jensen. And the couple of
times they brought me into the store I particularly loved looking at the
 daisy collection that they've had since the 40's. And also the uber shiny 
silver home-ware things. (No seriously. How are they so shiny??!)

I'm not exactly sure how I did this but I was ambling through Queen 
Victoria Building and I woke up from my daze - finding myself in 
front of Georg Jensen's daisy cabinet.
Clever girl.

10 minutes later I was walking out with one of his bags. 
(literally. oh golly lordy my, howwdidIdothisssoquickly?)

I don't think I would call this an impulse buy. Not really. I've been quietly
 goggling at these daisies for a couple of years, mind you. And the only 
hesitation before was me not being the kind of income earner who could 
spend a few hundred on one frivolous thing. With a 21st birthday gift 
brilliantly crushing this obstacle, hesitations gone baby!

Maybe the whole 10 minute thing classes it as an impulse.
I ignore this though - with no regret, no guilt - my wrist is 
loving it already. And they gave me free polishing stuff. 
Man! I love it when that happens.

eeeek. don't you just love them in their boxes?!? I'm definitely smitten by packaging time and time again. 
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top - georgjensen.com
bottom two - stephanie larkin @ 1001 ways
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Go super shopper gal!