Wednesday, June 16

#49 - go dream camping

What's dream camping you say? It is the loveliest form of camping possible. It is gorgeous!
You go in spring or sometime warm, but not too hot. Springtime is good cause there is not a lot of rain.
List to bring:
-guitar,harmonica, kazoo anything that can make pretty muddled sounds for evening time
-bunting flags, string them around the place, making your own is easy enough.
-lemons... only if you like them. But they have found to be a great comfort food. Lemon meringue pie, lemon ginger tea, lemon pepper squid.
-doona's, pillows, dream catchers, deckchairs, lovely picnic rugs, mosquito nets....
Basically dream camping is not resorting to convenience... but dreams. Hire a camper van and bring furniture. Sounds crazy.... but it just might work.

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