Thursday, June 17

#50 - ride a bicycle

I'm pretty sure the 'benefits of a bicycle' pictures sums it up lovely and sweet short.
1.Puts a big fat smile on your face; 2. basket carries all your stuff home; 3. it truly feels like flying; 4. faster and easier than walking, 5. quiet as a mouse; 6. gives you legs of steel; 7. no need to pay for gas, parking fees or automotive insurance... hurrah! 8. shapes up the boodie; 9. zero emissions, slows global warming; 10. whizzes past traffic jams.

And some of our reasons..
11. you look super lovely 12. you can wear heels! (don't laugh.. its ultra easy and better than walking around in them all day, truly!)
Bicycles don't have to be limited to the tacky mountain bikes with yucky stickers, here is a selection of lovely bikes.
I think I'm totally in love with the orange public bike.

public bicycles ($549-$890), Paul Frank City Bikes (around $400), sydney vintage bikes
images : [sydney vintage bike via frankie, public, the sartorialist, frolic x 2]

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