Saturday, June 19

#51 - smile more, little lovely

Yes. That lovely smile you give to a Polaroid because you know you'll see it whizzing out soon. The smile you give the gorgeous little old lady with the floral top and vintage jewellery, covered with crotchet. The smile you give your friend at an in-joke and nobody else knows what your on about.
The smile to a sun, to the blackbird's call, to the lovely colour of green apples.
Smile more, smile even extra more (I smile at my bad grammar), and the world will thank you , you bright star.

thank you to Julieanne Bartolo for her suggestion

1 comment:

JuLiexox said...

thankyou so much :) your blog was so inspiring i cried Happy tears :)

Thankyou,,, i shall smilee EVEN MORE! :)

JuLie ♥