Saturday, July 17

#74 - delight in lovely pictures

ooh lovely lovely, someone has drawn gorgeous scrawls over a Frankie page.

Thought I should share this with you. Sometimes I just search and search for lovely pictures, but never get much, but FINALLY! I have finally struck gold!

Some one's doing it all for you, and I can't even thank her, I can't follow her blog or leave her a comment to show her my appreciation.
And I don't know where she gets her images from either, so I reference all these pictures to Lily Jane. She just posts a photo here there, and a few words or lyrics, lists of what she is like, just dabbling in life, the whole blog is serene and beautiful.
If anyone knows where some of these images are from, Id be delighted to know.


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Hah, you liked a comment of mine on Facebook (Frankie mag) so I thought I'd check out your blog, its so great! Following <3
I love he photos! Especially that one of the guy and the girl sitting on the car! x

Faith said...

The pictures are so cute!!!

lily jane said...

oh my gosh! hahaha
I was looking at one of my followers and who she was following...
then I saw '1001 ways to be more lovely' and I was like 'ooooo this seems interesting'

haha and I was just randomly going through your posts and i'm like hey! haha

but thank you so much :-)
I love your blog too!!
its very cute x