Saturday, July 17

#73 - have a part in your threads

It would be all the more lovely with your clothes if you somehow were part of the making of its brilliance. And here are simple ways you can add and alter pieces till they scream: "ITS MINE!"
Where the heart is
Garance once posted this beautiful image [1], where a guy on the street she met had a sewn heart on the inside of his pocket. Yes! I say this is rather wonderful, so get out your coloured threads and sew hearts, clouds whatever on your shirts. Heart on your sleeve, perhaps?

Little Bit
Another lovely way is to add little bits on, such as the likes of better stay together DIY website, where fringe is on the shirt [2]. Though word of opinion, this could look too heavy on things with sleeves. 
Though don't stop at fringe for this idea... attach a peter pan collar (they're so gorgeous!- image [3]) or scalloped collar [5], or be rather tricky with beautiful material [6].

But now I must stop, as I get scared of talking too much, I'm sure you don't want to read this rah anymore, and let your imagination take you further. Because mine at the moment, isn't.

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