Wednesday, July 21

#78 - you and your lovely lashes

Beauty: and you try to find lovely blogs or magazines on beauty, but they all seem to be trashy, tacky things with gaudy and over the top makeup, (do you hate super sticky, yet slippery looking high-shine-candy-pink ooze on peoples lips, like me?) Though my idea of over the top starts very soon...

Things I think are pairs of loveliness in the beauty world, and love looking at:
pale lips on blue eyed lovelies, dark and neat kitten flick liquid eyeliner and freckles, sooty black lashes with great big smiles, tousled lazy hair with blonde highlights, bursts of colour and beautiful olive skin,


Wardrobe Wars said...

These are a beautiful collection of images. They are so inspirational! We love seeing these type of images - great ideas for possible poses for shoots. We agree with your list of lovely things, although we are yet to perfect the eye-liner cat flick
Thanks for your visit to our blog - we really appreciate it.
Looking forward to looking through all of your past posts.
Greetings from Ireland

Fifi & Niamh

la la Lovely said...

pure loveliness....and I think you've coined pure beauty.... I am so with you.
LOVE your blog and LOVE The concept! Gorge!
xoxo Trina