Thursday, July 22

#79 - go on an adventure

I'm not saying how, I have ideas, yet I will only vaguely mention them. Because you're not supposed to really plan this. You get into a car, a train, a bicycle and go. And take your friends to because that's the loveliest part. Oh! And make sure you laugh. And dress up (you know, face paint.. a la Bat for Lashes, and don't forget the vintage!).
entire outfits from op shops, coast crawl, sleeping bags in the car, campfire's and Indian yells, baskets and sandwiches, ferries and rowboats, dream camping, lovely signs to passersby, portable speakers, leaning off jetties with fishnets, picnics on a hill, favourite lovely shirt worn 2 days in a row,sand dunes and soccer, oh lovely film cameras, lomography, friend-friendly bicycles, grape fruit juice and lemon meringue pie, midnight fish and chips on the head, spontaneous friendships, photo hunt and laugh, laugh, laugh...

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Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Brill photos :)