Saturday, August 21

#100 - swing to the 50's

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Oh so lovely. The best 18th ever ( ha! and my only). With 50's dancing lessons, a beautiful hall filled with my mates, family and older family friends - who are the ones that really know how to dance. Stuff us younger ones! I don't know if I just know a heck of a lot of people who are awesome old school dancers and love being dags.... but then, that might just be a country thing.

Proud Mary and Love Shack was a ripper. Little kids stood in awe of cakes and food. Skirts twirled, gorgeous girls with kitten flick eyeliner and grease-ey haired guys in leather jackets fell repeatedly to the floor, jumping up again to Tub Thumping (.. I get knocked down, and I get up again.. oh you never gonna keep me down). - Yes we cheated - definitely weren't going to stick to 50's music the WHOLE night. :) And I wore a spotty tulle petticoat, which I was thrilled with. With dancing to Thriller to match.
[oh dear. now my whole do is over] now I am over the whole 100 thing (and exam times) I can go on as usual with my blog.

Thanks for reading my blog, all you lovelies. I look at your profiles and try to follow up on your own blogs - you're all soooo gorgeous, keep going! xxxx


All the time in the world... said...

Oh this is so lovely! I'm trying to think of a theme for my 21st...I was thinking Grace Kelly-Rat Pack meets Katy Perry-Black eyed Peas...any suggestions?

Jade said...

i loved this :)

nicky said...

haha perfect 100th post!
you should totally have a follow-up party: the 60s. may i go, pretty please? :)