Wednesday, September 1

#104 - pretty togs

all found on weheartit, via the following; tumblr via w.h.i, f* yeah, fashion, little dress up dolly, diamonds and gold

I saw something in my latest issue of Frankie Magazine that set my heart a thunder.
--- these beautiful high waisted and bandeau two-piece ----

So, our lovely Australia is starting to warm up, and even yesterday I felt the beautiful fresh air and I was feeling rather hot lying out in the sun.
I think its time to get excited about summer. Maybe its a little premature, but still, I love wearing full pieces with a cardigan and shorts in the cooler bit of spring.

I'm loving vintage look, high waisted bottoms, not so full on the bikinis... and full pieces, glorious full pieces. heart heart.


Sarah said...

Yay! I love vintage bathers. Will definitely be on my summer wardrobe list :) I love the pictures xx

Smileyfreak said...

I love,love,love that black one piece with the halter neck! :0 Fabbity fabb!