Sunday, September 5

#105 - be a lovely vintage lady, vintage boy

 Lately I nabbed a pair of boots on from Cream on Crown in Surrey Hills, and though haven't managed to wear them yet, adore them. They're probably very ugly.

So when I found this vintage shop, --- Huzzah Vintage --- unlike the other places that can be full of crud, and you have no idea what era it is from - I jumped for joy. This website is a genuine lovely.

I'm hanging on for this pretty necklace, loving smiling at the sun in this hat, whilst keeping all my lovely things secure in this gorgeous green prep school bag, and keeping wary of the mud in these devine brogues.


Huzzah! Vintage said...

Hello, Steph! (Gina of Huzzah! Vintage here.) Thanks so much for the kind words about our wee vintage boutique! A friend in the blogosphere told us about your post, so we wanted to stop by and offer you and your readers 15% off your purchases as a small bit of thanks. Just enter soopa secret promo code "1001" at checkout now thru Sept. 15!

Ok, enough from me ~ thanks again :)

Carina said...

Wow those products are lovely. I really want a hat like that:) Oh i adore vintage.

xx Carina