Tuesday, September 21

#112 - make your bedroom lovely

images here

There are many types of rooms. Cool, gorgeous, beautiful, rad, wonderful, whatever.
But for lovely - I think white bedrooms with hints of pale colours - and vintage furniture. For it to be truly lovely, I think.

Then perhaps not.

Oh gebeezers, I love my spiels;
Jars hanging on twine - full of pretty things life pebbles, jewelry and dried flowers, paper crane-ceiling, white fresh doonas, old telephones on old wooden stools, tea-cup succulents, sheer curtains and paper lanterns, fairy lights, letters on a wall, Frankie magazine art posters, chalkboard wall, magazine rip outs, dream catchers,


Ruth said...

I wish my room looked like the last one :)

Carina said...

The second and thrid images are gorgeouss<3 Its holidays for me now, which means more time to spend on cleaning my room! I feel inspired now, thanks.

xx Carina

Jade said...

i just want to say that i love your blog, and it'd be wicked cool of you if you could check mine out as well :) anyways, it's funny that you mention this, because i'm always finding myself trying to personalize my room. i want a chalkboard wall so BADLY. they're awesome. my favorite bedroom is the first one because it just looks like whoever decorated this put a lot of time and thought into it. this is one of my favorite posts of yours!

All the time in the world... said...

I totally agree with you Jade re: blackboard wall. I was thinking this last night while watching 500 days of Summer. I love bedrooms. I always decorate until I "click" with my room...

blacknailpolish said...

I just wanted to ask you for some help. My friend and I are redecorating her room. We'r going for a vintage feel. Besides what you have written in your blog, do you have any more suggestions?

blacknailpolish said...

First of all thank you for taking the time out of what must be a very busy schedule to answer my question!
As for your question on price, I don’t think that that’s an issue at all because her parents are paying for it (=D) But she (grace) wanted to use furniture from a second hand store to get a better vintage/rustic feel anyway, which being in Sydney we are not in any short demand of!
To get an idea of what her room looks like I’ll give you this: She decorated it when she was six. It’s very very very pink ( ewww )
Grace also wanted to put in wallpaper. I have no Idea about this because Firstly: I hate wallpaper with a passion. When I moved into the house that I am currently living in, my family and I, unfortunately, had to spend many tiring days peeling of all the wretched stuff of the bedroom walls. Not fun. I also understand that unless you want a shocking job done you need to hire people to come in and put it up? I personally think that it’s not such a good idea because her taste will change and so will styles although grace assures that I am wrong. I think she probably said the same thing when she was six.
It would be absolutely fabulous if you could write back and give us some tips! Although do not feel the need to rush because she and I both have up coming yearly exams which means that we will be doing absolutely nothing but studying for the next five weeks. Well at least she wills, I can’t say that I’ll be doing the same thing!
If you have completely no idea what im on about and wondering why this random person is rabbiting on about here is the URL thingy to your comment thing.