Tuesday, November 2

#122 - the big lovely christmas post

Sorry, too long? I CANT HELP MYSELF!! Gahgahagah! I love preeeeety pictures! I love long blahs!

I love Christmas. Its generally adorable. As much as a white Christmas in England would be exciting, I love Australia's warm days where you float around in airy summer dresses and eat cold ham and swim all day.

As I have become older, my excitement on Christmas has shifted from the self-absorbed receiving of my childhood, to a love of giving lovely things to people.
And this year, I feel, is the year to dish out the handmade, vintage, crafty, lovely cute-sy vibe. Things full of love,  and personal significance. (And as it is less than 2 months away - its time to start moving)

So here is a blah to match the pretty pictures above:
Find ideas to make lovely gifts for your lovely ones with these books; Meet me at Mikes via Lark made and Sew La Tea Do, or give them as gifts in themselves. Frankie Magazine's shop has gorgeous things like their diary, calendar, Spaces interior book and cook books and would look oh-so-lovely unwrapped in your friends hands.
And for divine little pretties around the neck, think of this Alice necklace from Felt, sooo gorgeous scrabble inspired pendants from madeit.com.au, and little wood fellows on a ring by Haowshi like this rabbit ring. This purse from Felt is looking rather adorable - and if you are looking for something lovely to put in your friends kitchen don't go past T2 or cute little crockery like Cath Kidston at larkmade (tea-cup).
Pastels are so gorgeous on this Little Jane St dream journal, and these looooooovely pair of floral shorts. (they'd be good as a skirt eh?)
If you're wanting something a little more manly for your boy-sies, Mighty wallets in many prints for all from Dynomighty (and they have them in DIY totes that you can draw your own design if you're the clever artist!!).
For the music head this very rad - Mixtape USB - for a modern play list made by you in a retro cassette case (very cool may I say).
For those gluttons you can make these deee-lish chocolate snowballs (recipe sunnylandsydney) - and speaking of food - these sweets by Daisy-lane are looking mighty fine in their striped bags.

And remember, don't go past without stopping at Etsy. Its a place pretty much made in heaven for gifts.


[images references are linked above in order]


Carina said...

All these things would make perfect gifts. Im excited about gift buying too, it only struck me the other day that I dont have much time really! Need to get organised.

The 'Sew, la, tea, do' book looks great! Im keen to check it out. And what a cute name, will have the song on my head all day now 'sew, a needle pulling thread, la a note to follow sew...'

xx Carina

All the time in the world... said...

You really are my most adored online chere. I'm without a doubt making a mixed tape for someone. Thanks for the idea (^.^). ***Christmas wishes***

Bohemian said...

Great stuff! I love Christmas!

Bex said...

A white Christmas in England? I wish :( This year it RAINED. Gah.

I see you are coming to England soon - where to?

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Oh hi Bex,

I posted this a year ago - just before my big year away from home in England. Last year I was working at a school in Wolseley Bridge, near Stafford? I loved it all - though very glad to be now back in Australia, I was very sad that I had no snow before I left, so I am not surprised to hear that it rained :)

All the best,

@ 1001 ways to be more lovely.