Monday, January 24

#131 - perform to your lonely self

I was walking along a muddy path, after mounting a wooden step over a fence.. and all there was were the sheep in the paddock beside me, staring curiously, wary of my every move. No soul in sight, just these animals, the muddy way and large plains of green.

So I decided to make the most of this. I am in England, by myself, no other humans to be seen.. and Puccini comes on my iPod.
So I stand on the fence and wave my arms gracefully and musically at the terrified sheep, in time with the bellowing opera like a conductor and sing out my poor, strangled imitation of the song to the poor things.
It was really quite terrifying. And really quite lovely.

Somehow do this yourself. Whether you sing, dance, recite poetry to a tree, serenade a pond of ducks with your guitar.

The world will tell you you're insane.
But my friend, you're a mighty lovely star.


All the time in the world... said...

I had a very similar day only a few ago...

lovely having you post again...have much awaited your found lovlies in the world away from Oz...

CloudyKim said...

Great post! I love this idea - and the story about the sheep was just awesome. I remember seeing them along the road plenty of times, but I couldn't come up with an excuse in case their owners came out to interrogate me, haha.

I haven't performed for anyone or anything lately, but when I'm driving to and from school, I usually shout along to my CDs. I think I'm going to destroy my eardrums doing this, but it's totally worth it. Maybe I'm performing to my car :)(BTW, yes, my singing voice is horrible).

Carina said...

What a wonderful idea. I enjoy so much to sing to myself when I'm all along, in a tranquil place especially.

xx Carina

Whoop it up! said...

wow love that post and the pictures are great (: