Saturday, January 29

#132 - remind yourself of your favourite things

As gorgeously cheesy as Maria's "My favourite things" is in The Sound of Music, I believe the concept is rather right.
That's why I have ventured to put up a post of some of the lovely things I like (also so I can just put up a heap of pretty pictures)...
Because away from home, in an exciting, yet unfamiliar and scary world... I rather like to think about such things.

And then you don't feel so bad after all.

:: Some of my favourite things ::

floral high-waisted shorts, soft whites, pastels & femininity 

jetties, silky green water & pretty bathing suits

layers and layers, leather gloves, capes & pale green

Audrey Hepburn. black and white & "Quelle night!"

pretty boys with pretty balloons

dripping wet hair, soaked clothes, ponds & waterlilies

dressing up, comfy vintage duvets & patterned stockings

bonfires on the beach, hoodies, snuggling & sleeping bags

lomography, late and lazy  Australian sunsets, beach, white dresses & blur
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Collage them up on your wall, in your diary, on your ceiling...


CloudyKim said...

Great pictures! I have to agree with you about the pretty boys and pretty balloons - it's a perfect combo! I also like those leather gloves too. They're so lovely, they make you wonder what kind of person wears them :)

J.Cee said...

Harry Potter glasses, Breakfast at Tiffany's, hair ribbons, letters to my future self... I'll definitely make a collage.

A said...

I love your blog! You've inspired me to do a post about some of my favourite things.

Anonymous said...

these are really nice pictures!

Our Youth said...

oh, this blog is so nice!

Fashion Avec Nanna said...

inspiering... both your blog and this post!