Sunday, September 18

#142 - your grandfather




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This was going to be a post on cable knit jumpers. Going into winter over here in England, these woolly monstrosities seem rather apt in preparation...
But I got so caught up in the idea of grandfathers, of our elders... 
that I took this moment to think of mine, my distant memory of a gorgeous Pa. 

So I wear these to him! Hurrah! 
(though not entirely sure he wore them at ALL - its the idea, anyway)
. . . .
pictures on my weheartit collection; here-ee-oh


Ruth said...

Sweaters like these are the most comfortable ever!

I love that post with the pictures of your travel diary. Absolutely stunning, you're talented!

Crystal said...

Love a good chunky knit. I'm still languishing in my first bought from a charity shop when I was 15. Hmmm. can't wait for the cold to set in so I can slip back into that little number! Love your blog by the way :) x

Kate Lasater said...

I'm always a fan of knit sweaters, but these sweaters are above and beyond. I die for the cable knit in the second picture! Beautiful.