Monday, October 3

#144 - have a rooftop party

images;  (top two) via Charlotte Sometimes  [sourced from (sweet) symphanie] 
(bottom) Gather to Keep,
. . . . .

Saw this idea on the lovely blog of Claire - Gather to Keep. 

Indeed, if you have luck enough for a suitable roof...
lanterns, lights, eatery, drinks, tables, 
wicker chairs, picnic rugs, trays, lamps, books, music, 
jars, wax, wicks, couches, guitars.

Unless a rave is more your thing, then each to their own - but I'll leave that to your expertise of ideas.

And I have had an outdoor party before, under the stars -
which I am sure I have posted about before...
- - - -
Where the night air was sweet, 
sitting under the trees where chandeliers hung and white paper cranes hung. 
It was a Christmas ball with understated dresses and bow ties, 
yet it never eventuated in dancing. 
We sat, I can remember my consciousness 
nearly slipping from under me 
as Tracy Chapman pined on the record player. 
- - - -

But there would be something marvelous about being above ground level.
I don't own a practical roof of any kind so I'll just have to imagine.
An affair on top of the world, almost like.
Just ignore those high risers blocking the view. :)


A said...

Oh, if only there was suitable roof on my house...

renata said...

i have the perfect roof for a party, though i don't like the fact that all my neighbours would see us... We've thought of watching a movie against a tall wall we have here, while being on the roof top... The only dangerous thing are the stairs... but i guess this is a damn good idea for the warmer weather coming! Thanx!

Avis Brunswick said...

Rooftops are definitely great places to throw a party. The sunset made the view more breathtaking. If I were the celebrant, this birthday would be the most remarkable of my life. =)

Anonymous said...

I want this too. It all happens in my dreams.

Sarai Loftis said...

I love rooftop parties! Staying on the rooftop makes you feel fresh and free. What I like most about having a rooftop is that I can stay there all night long and wait til’ sunrise. Isn’t that a wonderful experience?