Tuesday, February 28

#152 - your city in photographs

Orchid Grey - NYC in Pictures

I've always wanted to do this, but never quite had the drive, reminder or inspiration. But after seeing Orchid Grey's NYC in Pictures, I've been given a little bit of a fresh kick.

Make a photo journal, blog, album - of your home town or city or place of residence. Photograph or draw what you love most about it, the finer details, the people and the bigger picture.
That gorgeous, smiley Chinese lady selling vine tomatoes. The crack in the pavement that resembles something on the forehead of Harry Potter. The postman's motorbike satchel. Your morning bus. That monk rollerblading down the street. The view from the car park on the 10th level. 

And just quickly, via the ever wonderful services of Google Images, 
here is my street in pictures...
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Selma said...

Thats such a great Idea! I want to be part of this! By the way I really love the picture with the baby having the mustache soother! xoxo Selma

shannen said...

Beautiful photography :)

Shannen Xx