Thursday, April 26

#158 - make a reading list (and maybe even start it)

images- tumblr: unknown(weheartit), letslistentonirvana, sarahcenism, love-abounds

Just like Austen's Emma - my reading list is brilliant.
I have Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Keats, Robert Louis Stevenson, Herman Melville, Dickens, Victor Hugo, Charlotte Bronte, and all the auto-biographies of people I'm sure are brilliant.
But what's not so brilliant is that I've hardly started.

My main argument was that I hardly have the time. But I started Wuthering Heights recently. Perhaps a rather depressing start, but all the same - it slowed me down enough to realise how much time I actually indeed have.


Tereza said...

Super cute blog you have :)
enjoy your day and weekend!

AVY said...

Love that first pic, so pretty.


Live And Love said...

I love those book vending machines... I properly laughed the first time I saw them because they look so bizarre!
This is such a good blog :D
Hope you have a lovely day too. :)