Wednesday, May 9

#162 - constructive boredom

Lately I have taken to drawing insanely over my hand in lectures.
Perhaps because I am yet to try Henna - maybe I should go back to #148 in light of my health. (I'm still to figure out if "biro ink poisoning your blood stream" was a myth generated by parents and teachers in a plight to stop this uncouth body art from children).

But above all, I'm drawing to help myself concentrate - if a lecture is slightly on the yawn-inducing side.

And it works! I can now whip out extensive knowledge on Russian Constructivist fashion design thanks to this little scrawling:
what I came home with...

images ® of 1001 ways

Oh! And I'm going to bring a guest post in soon - so you can meet another lovely blogger!  x

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Zoe said...

That is actually very beautiful...! Looks real.