Wednesday, May 23

#164 - guest post!

Hello! The lovely Steph has invited me to be a guest blogger today on 1001 ways to be more lovely. And I was delighted when she asked me, as her blog really is one of the little hidden gems of the internet that brightens my day each time I read it.

And so, my name is Louise from louisejoyb at Bits & Bobs, and I am a bit of an 'everything' blogger, from lifestyle, photography, design, and fashion - to baking and daily musings and rambles. I started blogging a few years ago purely as a way to express any thoughts and ideas I had, and to look back on over time to see how I have changed and developed as a person, hopefully for the better!

A typical day of mine would involve university, where I study in England at the University of Central Lancashire, and have just completed my first year of BA Honours Digital Graphics, with minors in Art History and Digital Design.

To start my day I would typically choose an outfit; I love anything from the 40s and 50s era so my favourites are dresses and pretty blouses, however the weather is notoriously bad here most of the time, so I often end up layering it up with chunky knits and tights!

Then from there it's off to university to spend the day in the studio working on ideas and designing. Our studio is basically a large room with our sketches pinned up all over the wall, with lots of messy tables and things generally being all over the place. I much prefer it to a classroom though, as it's such a more relaxing and creative vibe; I wish however, our studio looked more like this:

If I'm not doing work, or at work, I'm generally day-dreaming. I am probably the biggest day-dreamer you will ever meet. And I'm not afraid to admit it, it's generally about food! I adore cooking, especially baking, I'm constantly thinking up new recipes or looking ones up to write into my little recipe book!

You'll either be reading this and thinking I'm a little crazy for aspiring so badly to own a Kitchenaid, or you're also a baking fanatic like me and agree!

Aside from my daily-life routine, as I am a major creature of habit; I regularly go to Edinburgh to visit my long-term boyfriend Luke there, and our friends to explore such a wonderful city. I love it there and can't wait to move there when I finish university. I'm blessed to have such wonderful friends all over the country, and love going to visit them all! So as you can imagine, a lot of my life is also spent in train stations.

And in case you haven't already gathered, I like photos and taking photos. And lots of them, so if you do come over and say a little hello to my blog.. you've been warned about the photo-bombard.

Thank you to Steph for asking me to be a guest blogger today, I've loved doing it and I hope you've all enjoyed reading it too! Please feel free to leave me links to your blogs and I would love to read them, I always enjoy discovering other little gems of the internet just like 1001 Ways To Be More Lovely!

- Louise, at Bits & Bobs x

images: 1, 2, 8, 9 - ownership of Bits & Bobs, remaining: click link for source- 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 


finntje said...

That kitchenaid is so cute T_T I also lovelovelove your outfit!

Anthea Lau said...

Oh those inspirations are so pretty! daydreaming sometimes helps to stimulate the mind and thoughts a bit xo
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