Saturday, June 2

#166 - heart the Queen

Being Australian, there is something slightly lovely about having a Queen - in that little way we get to claim her.
And also having lived there for a year makes the excitement of all the Diamond Jubilee-themed paraphernalia, dripping off Etsy and magazine newsletters everywhere - slightly more appealing.

my favourited:

. . . . .

top image: npg, cupcake toppers: chickenandcustard, tea cosy: jargon,
 keep calm: magalerie, souvenir tin: gennamaria, brooch: andsmile,


{ felicity } said...

Being a fellow Australian I agree, it's nice to think we (sort of) have a Queen.
Love the little flags at the tops, so freaking adorable.

Much love,

{ felicity } said...

Oops, *top